Broken Spear
2016-present, solo recording project

Rave Salon
2019-present, workshop series

Freak Truth
2019, photo book

Floating Platform
2019-20, built-installation 

2017-present, design-research for inclusive restrooms

Unity Park
2017-2018, community-driven park project 

On / Being Read
2018, queer visual art

Pop 50
2018, queer happening 

Madder Movie
2016, short film + research paper on anime sexuality

Rikers Island Education Project
2015-2017, program for incarcerated youth 

Gold Medal
2016-2017, synthpop group 

Vera Mist
2018-present, pop star project

Dataparks: Oslo
2016, speculative architecture proposal 

Freshkills: Capturing Change
2018, broadsheet for art exhibition 

Framed Repositories
2017, digital collages & paper on ecocritical art

The Prince of Love
2016, feature-length surveillance film 

Void Network
2017, speculative architecture project

Angel Hill
2016, experimental short film 

Agatha Claw
2014-2018, drag performance character

Orb Lady
2019, documentary on light orbs