~ Installation Materials ~

Existing site suitable for suspension (timber frame)
Wood Pallets (for 38” x 75” frame)
(Optional Cladding) 1x1 Merbau Posts
1/4” Steel Cable
Hardware: Eye Bolts, Ferrules, Thimbles, Clips
Waterproof Sealant
Screws, Nails
Misc. Scrap Wood
Tools: circular saw, power drill, impact driver, hammer, measuring tape, palm sander

~ Programming Materials ~

Battery-powered projector
6x9 green screen
Battery-powered speakers
Fog machine

Process ~

Produce Drawings ✓
Measure installation site, determine platform dimensions, hanging height

Procure Materials ✓
Source lumber from back areas of hardware stores, local businesses, Craigslist

Assemble Platform ✓
Strip rotted wood, extraneous nails/screws (for reuse), cut pallets to size, join. Sand, seal.
(Optional) Clad with hardwood posts or boards if you have access

Suspension Hardware ✓
Determine platform points for cable suspension, drill holes, insert eye bolts

Prepare Site ✓
Create reflected ceiling plan from platform dimensions, mark points for cable suspension
Reinforce frame at suspension points: add cleats, additional screws/nails, joists
Drill holes and insert eye bolts 

Cable Preparation ✓
Determine proper cable lenth for desired suspension height, accounting for lost length resulting from thimble/ferrule loops + uneven eye bolt heights
Cut cable to appropriate lengths, swage/cold weld ferrules (vise + hammer + anvil will do if no access to swaging tool)

Suspend ✓
Seek assistance or prop up platform to attach cables and clips to all eye bolts
Test weight resistance of platform, reinforce platform framing as necessary (additional length-spanning 2x4 in my case)

Fortify Comfort ✓
Rig deployable mosquito netting 
Install twin mattress + waterproof tarp

Test Program ✓
Portable projector environments
Green screen chroma key experiments
Live keyboard composition

Future (upon return to Hawaii) ⏱
Build storage units for mattress, game-playing surface, toys
Clad twin mattress in waterproof (printed vinyl) surface
Install printed vinyl panels to underbelly of support structure
Choreographed performance