music: 1004 (broken spear)
music: truth pieces (broken spear)
print/virtual reading: on being read
book: freak truth

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installation: floating platform



Director at Funhouse 
Associate Director at JSA (Joel Sanders Architect)

Seb Choe (b. 1994) is a multimedia designer from Washington State currently based in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Working at the intersection of architecture, art and activism, their current design-research investigates conditions of extralegality in religion and advertising. Seb produces music as Broken Spear. A recent graduate of Columbia University’s Architecture program and genderqueer artist, Choe is dedicated to reimagining relationships of power in the built environment as evidenced in their work with the Mohawk Valley Collective, Rikers Education Program and The Architecture Lobby.

As Associate Director at JSA, Choe oversaw the launch of Stalled! Online, a website compiling three years of design-research on inclusive restrooms into an open-access resource, in addition to Stalled! The Video, an award-winning short film on the project. Choe’s current responsibilities at MIXdesign, the inclusive design-research arm of the firm authorized by Yale School of Architecture, include direction and development of a new project for the creation of design guidelines for inclusive arts museums.


2019, “seb choe” - mix premiere + interview - Coeval Magazine

2019, "truth pieces" - album + videos AQNB, Electric Sound of Joy

2019, "on | being read" - visual art - Shelf Shelf

2018, "equity x design: sketching equitable workplaces" - lecture - Center for Architecture

2018, "co-:space to share" - alumni exhibition - Barnard Columbia Department of Architecture

2018, "silent energy" - single premiere - space-ship

2018, artist interview - space-ship

2018, "rikers education program" - interview - MAX Journal, SAIC

2017, "madder movie" - film + essay - Journal of Art Criticism

2017, "angel hill" - film premiere to 26k fans - OneTreeHilled

2017, visual art - Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism

2017, arch. work - TKTNK

2017, photo exhibition - CSArtists

2017, "new year show" - arch. exhibition - Spectator

2016, artist profile and arch. work - Ratrock Magazine + Print

2016, "broken spear - true" pop album - Seattle Weekly

2016, "beats, rhymes, & justice" education program for incarcerated youth - Vice

2016, "body whirlpools" poem - Poems By New Yorkers

2015, "the prince of love" feature film - Editorial Magazine

2015, "NERTM meditation walk" event video document - NYC Parks

2015, "montreal: a spatial investigation" documentary film - Kollectif

2015, "from monumental to transitory" experimental film - Columbia University GSAPP

2015, "neoseeker - my hand" rock album - Rare Candy

2015, "skinship ii" photograph - Adorama

2014, "the life that chose she" ethnographic film - GrungeCake, ThatsEnuff, Rare Candy, Slant

2014, "hiro kone / oteiza" music video - Dummy Mag

2014, "corpse exploitation" research paper - Samuel Eells Literary Foundation

2012, "uda ox" ambient album - Writing in Reverse