lecture: urban design forum
lecture: barnard + columbia architecture, yale architecture
book review: pin-up magazine

reparations campaign: friends of gadsden creek
installation: 2021 venice biennale

creativity lab: fogc x redux art center [aug 2021]


Associate Director at JSA / MIXdesign
Friend at Friends of Gadsden Creek
2020 Fellow at Carolina Youth Action Project

Seb Choe (b. 1994) is a gender-fluid Korean-American designer from Washington State, currently living in Charleston, South Carolina. Choe’s multimedia art practice produces books, built-installations, music and video works that warp corporate design strategies into queer, optimistic proposals for new status quos. Choe serves as Associate Director at JSA (Joel Sanders Architect), an award-winning New York-based design firm, where they oversee MIXdesign, a branch of the firm that conducts inclusive design research for building types including art museums, university campuses and restrooms.

With a B.A in Architecture from Columbia University, Choe often works at the intersection of architecture and activism. With JSA, they have directed Stalled!, an interdisciplinary project that creates inclusive restroom prototypes for a wide range of embodiments. Choe has led design on a community-driven park project with the Mohawk Valley Collective, a historic preservation non-profit in Fort Plain, NY. Choe has worked with the Rikers Education Program, crafting curricula and facilitating education with incarcerated young men at the Rikers Island jail complex, classes ranging from Hip-Hop music production to urban design & planning.


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