for those of u who don’t know, I lived in Kona, Hawaii for most of the last year [2019]. over the months, I built a Floating Platform.. which I planned to augment with green screens, projection and sound. I only managed to record 3 vlog-y videos before moving back to the mainland. I always feared the vlog (lol) self-conscious about imprecision.. but Hawaii helped me to loosen this resistance

folks in Hawaii say that time works differently there: when I lived there, it felt like I had always been there. but now it feels like a dream. these videos are a way of proving to myself (and maybe 2 u) that it did.. gonna periodically release 10-minute segments of these vids on my website

Reflections include….. the Big Island, changes in my psychology, the Holualoa art community, the “critical architecture research scene”, portable projection techniques, Hawaii’s postcolonial milieu, Asian belonging, sacred space, & insight into my video works over the years

note i: a suggested low-volume music pairing for these videos is Steve Hauschildt, who i often listened to on the platform.
note ii: i plan to post transcriptions of these videos at some point, so they can be read as plain text.

Platform Transmissions [Trailer]
subtitles: hard-coded

subtitles for videos below: toggle “English” on-off in video player (not the “auto-generated” one)

Platform Transmissions 1.1: “Political consciousness with punk ethos”
Introduction, inspiring communities (Soft Surplus, Prime Produce, Donkey Mill Art Center), my financial model, a list of issues I will talk about.

Platform Transmissions 1.2: “Brochure for a luxury home”
Domesticity, spirituality as political enchantment, monastic climate, Holualoa art community, hippie shit-talk

Platform Transmissions 1.3: “Hermit capacity”
Holualoa art community continued, blood family-community, decision to move to Hawaii, goals for next steps in Charleston

Platform Transmissions 2.1: “Funhouse Incorporated”
Forensic Architecture & the Whitney Biennial, real estate activism, Jack Self & elevating contracts, Metahaven, The Architecture Lobby

Platform Transmissions 2.2: “Glacial Pace”
Site-specific, community-oriented, non-glam work, Rikers Island, Artforum + self-congratulatory/evasive NYC programming, self-doubt, skepticism of leveraged identity politics/”scamming”

Platform Transmissions 2.3: “Clean slack line and a clean key line”
Commentary on shot composition + green screen set-up, potentials of outdoor video projection practice, development of my music practice, speculations on Charleston work (hands-on built projects, community center/programming) + belonging

Platform Transmissions 3.1: “Action painter of the moving image”
Commentary on night projector set-up, mashing up the synthetic and natural, warped surfaces/objects, alpha channels, kinetic action/video painting, Big Island/Kona colonial history

Platform Transmissions 3.2: “Physics of Love”
Big Island economy, transposed American mainland urban design, volcanic flows and beaches, tourism + new industries, native Hawaiians as Other vs. White mainlander soul-searchers, Christian missionaries, Asian belonging

Platform Transmissions 3.3: “Google Maps on my body warped outside”
Asian belonging ctd., sober-sad reflection on leaving Hawaii, video bending hand contours, the act of compiling of my video works, jubilant real-time commentary on my projected video works, “immaterial fashion”. Video cuts out, disclaimer on transmission 3.4.

Platform Transmissions 3.4: “Virtual worship space”
Connecting my origins in architecture and sacred space to the Floating Platform, communal video ritual possibilities, Matta-Clark’s tequila sessions, real-time “artist talk” of my projected video works, PC Music Eccojams, Broken Spear culture, a good-bye and conclusion to the series.