Kids on Point


Upon moving to Charleston, SC I quickly realized that there were no digital media programs offered to youth, beyond a Girls Who Code program with the YWCA. I connected with Redux Contemporary Art Center, who supported me in the creation of a curriculm that would act as a Intro to Graphic Design class with Kids on Point. Kids on Point is a College of Charleston-run program that offers free afterschool programs to underserved K-12 schools in the city, with a predominantly Black study body. 

Over the course of two months, I facilitated a class of around a dozen middle-school students - providing background on the discipline of graphic design and supplementing their existing latent expertise over text, image, and graphics. The class included hands-on mentoring on using the PIXLR app to exercise fundamental graphic design skills on netbooks provided by KOP. 

The theme of the class revolved around communicating your “ideal neighborhood” - using text, image, graphics independently, and then synthetically, to evoke a proposal or advertisement for a speculative space you would like to exist in.