Closely examining the formal qualities of the hit TV-series One Tree Hill, Angel Hill surgically re-performs the aesthetic of the millennial serial, a sincere tribute to the direction of show-creator Mark Schwann and the camera work of Billy Dickson, the cinematographer for the first three seasons who served as an invaluable resource in the shooting and post-production of Angel Hill. Set in Angel Hill, WA.

The film is both an earnest fan tribute-film and experimental formal study. As such, Angel Hill was premiered by popular Instagram fan account @onetreehilled and screened by Double Exposure Film Journal in New York in 2017.


One Tree Hill Sample Script 

Approximately 5 minutes

[INT: Lucas’ Room]

(LUCAS walks into room where BROOKE is sitting on bed on laptop)

LUCAS: Hey stranger. Since when did this become Hotel Brooke?

BROOKE: Lucas, perfect, I need your help. I’m trying to win this auction for this fabulous dress. It is exactly the kind of design that Clothes over Bros needs for its fall line.

LUCAS: Looks.. interesting. (smiles devilishly/sarcastically) Do you need a model?

BROOKE: Please, I need you to be serious right now. Do you know anything about bidding for auctions online?

LUCAS: I bought a cabinet for my mom once?

BROOKE: *breathes in looking to the side* Good enough. Ok, you do this while I go ask Mouth to pick up the fabrics. Ah! This is so exciting. Thanks boyfriend!

(rushes out door, but stops to look at LUCAS)

LUCAS: (smiles sheepishly) Whaat? I’ll do it I promise.

BROOKE: Nothing, just… thanks for being there for me since the accident. *sheepish side mouth smile with dimple*

LUCAS: *narrows eyes and smiles, gently shaking head* I’m not going anywhere Brooke Davis.. now go out there and change the world.

(BROOKE smiles shyly and looks down, leaves)

LUCAS: (exhale laughs through noise, smiles and looks at computer, cell phone rings, he answers, listens, furrows eyebrows) …She said what?

[EXT: River Court]

NATHAN: (incredulously) He said what?

MOUTH: Whitey told me that I have to shut down

NATHAN: That’s ridiculous. Did you try talking to him?

MOUTH: Of course I tried talking to him, but he won’t budge!

NATHAN: I’m sorry Mouth. Maybe me and Lucas can talk to him after practice.

MOUTH: I’d really appreciate that. Hey I was going to ask you, have you seen Peyton since-

(BROOKE barges onto the court)

BROOKE: Mouth I need you to pick up these fabrics for..

(NATHAN and MOUTH just staring at BROOKE)

BROOKE: (laughs nervously) What.. do I have something on my face?

NATHAN: ..If you’re here.. then who’s with Peyton?

BROOKE: (look of worry and guilt) Did something happen?

MOUTH: You better sit down for this.

(shot pans to sun shining on river)

[EXT: Outside Lucas’ House]

(pan from LUCAS’ front door window of him exiting house onto sidewalk on phone)

LUCAS: Ok ok, sloow down. She said what? ….I’m on my way right now, don’t move a muscle. (shuts flip phone)

(SKILLS on a jog down sidewalk, slows down)

SKILLS: Lu-cas Scott, what’s up my brother. You better get on this routine too if you wanna be in shape for the Sparkle Classic.

LUCAS: Skills, I just got off the phone with my mom. She told me that Peyton left her this really weird voicemail and that she didn’t show up to Tric this morning to set up for the concert tonight.

SKILLS: Damn. You have any idea where she might be at?

LUCAS: I don’t know, but I’m gonna find her. You comin with?

SKILLS: No doubt, let’s go.

[INT: Karen’s Café]

(HALEY waitressing at Karen’s Café – BROOKE, MOUTH, and NATHAN all come in)

HALEY: Hey guys, I have to stay a little later than I thought, but I’ll meet you at Tric-

NATHAN: Haley, Peyton’s missing. Lucas and Skills are looking for her now, we thought she might be with you.

HALEY: No she knew I was working today.. Are you sure she’s gone? I saw her with Brooke after the game last night.

MOUTH: That’s what we thought too, but Brooke said she took off after the game..

(SKILLS and LUCAS bust into the café)

LUCAS: We can’t find her.

SKILLS: Yeah we looked everywhere.

(No one knows what to do)

LUCAS: Brooke? Can I talk to you for a minute?

BROOKE: Uh yeah, sure.

(LUCAS takes BROOKE by the arm to the back of the café)

LUCAS: (looks behind shoulder in the direction of the café entrance, looks back at BROOKE) Do you know what’s going on? Everyone is saying that you guys were together after the game last night.

BROOKE: Yeah I was. We were…. We got in a bit of a fight.

LUCAS: What kind of fight?

(shot of BROOKE’s worried face)

[EXT: Tree Hill High parking lot after basketball game – flashback]

PEYTON: (Walking with BROOKE to car) Hey, if the Ravens keep doing this well, they might as well just give us that trophy now!

BROOKE: (looking down)

PEYTON: Hey what’s wrong? You’ve been acting weird all night-

BROOKE: Look Peyton I don’t know if I can do this.

PEYTON: Do what?

BROOKE: (Looks up, gestures with arms) This. This friendship. I just don’t know if I can trust you again after the way you took advantage of Lucas.

PEYTON: (scoffs) Unbelievable. I was shot, okay? I was losing a lot of blood, I wasn’t thinking right!

BROOKE: Like that stopped you the first time.

PEYTON: You know what? Fine. (tosses keys to the Comet to BROOKE) Drive yourself home, I’m going for a walk. (descend tone on word “walk”)

BROOKE: (nastily) Don’t go kissing anyone’s boyfriend while you’re brooding out there.

[INT: Karen’s Café back to present]

LUCAS: Brooke..

BROOKE: Lucas I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it, I was just in such a bad mood after the game.

LUCAS: And why’s that.

BROOKE: (looking down) I saw the way you were looking at Peyton during the game..

LUCAS: What? What are you talking about?

BROOKE: You know what, it doesn’t even matter, we should be looking for Peyton right now. (leaves back to the front of the café)

LUCAS: Brooke-

(LUCAS follows BROOKE back to the front of café where he looks in her direction, slide down to a close up of a hand turning on a gas range oven, flames ignite)

[EXT: River Bridge]

(PEYTON’S hand flicking a lighter and the flame appears, but she turns it off and throws the lighter and pack of cigarettes away from her and puts her head in her hands .. she is wearing a leather jacket and jeans)

(LUCAS descends from above and sits next to her, not saying anything)

(PEYTON looks at him then turns away, still kind of crying)

LUCAS: Look Brooke didn’t mean it.. come on everyone’s waiting for you, let’s just all go to Tric and forget about it.

(silence from Peyton)

LUCAS: …you can’t hide out here forever Peyton. Look, I’ll talk to Brooke about it, I agree, I think she was out of line.

PEYTON: …It’s not that Luke.

LUCAS: Then what is it? Where’s your head at Sawyer?

PEYTON: (voice breaking, choking back tears) My dad.. he got a new job… As a construction manager.

LUCAS: (laughing) haha hey that’s greeat your dad is awesome, it’ll be great having him around for a change-

PEYTON: Lucas..

LUCAS: (smiling) He can help out at the cafe and give me a hand cleaning up your god-awful depressing room-


(LUCAS stops talking and looks at her, confused)

PEYTON: The job is in Seattle. …I’m leaving Tree Hill.. for good.

(cut to LUCAS’ face - hurt, confused)

(music fades from twinkly guitars to ominous ambient swell, uncertainty looms)

(cut to long shot of them sitting by the water, dolly out to water, look out at sunset)

Cut to black.