• Anticapitalist
  • Labor, organizing
  • The worker’s mind


  • Pastiche, irony, mash-up
  • Signs, symbols, signifiers, power, self-reflexivity

Trendy Trends (Bluestockings, paperback critical theory)

  • Archives
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Mutation
  • Trashworld
  • Death Space
  • Utopia / Dystopia
  • Digital Naturalism, Embodied Energy (The Living), Dark Ecology (Morton, Hyperobjects)
  • Infrastructure (Easterling, Burrington, Bratton, LeCavalier)
  • Forensics (Weizman, Kurgan, SITU)

Underlying Trends

  • Cybernetics
  • Communal ritual, the public, sharing
  • Trans theory
  • Postcolonial theory
  • Extraterritoriality (the “extra”, the in-between, the Agambian exception, informal urbanism)
  • Disability
  • Mel Chen (thinking non-human, affect theory, plant / animal consciousness)

Plastic Surgery: Transhumanism and the Antimaterialist Biopolitics of Korean Fame

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Bumpytown: A Not-So-Seamless Proposal for a De-Lubricated Urbanism

Amazon's Junkyard: Recycling Bins, Hard Drives, and America's Search for a Digital Ecology"

Forensic Amusement: The Necropolitics of Disneyland's Economic Model

Simulacra and Synthesizers: Accelerationist Pop Music and the Cyberlibertarianism of Spotify"

The Rhizome and the Ruin: Frontiers of Fetish Photography

Anime Archives: Informal DVD Economies in Post-Nuclear Fukushima

Microchip Erotics: Postcolonialism and the Landscape of Raw Materials

She Left Me on Read/Red: "Ghosting", Youth Culture, and a Marxist Reimagining of Digital Gender Performance

Barcode Popularity Contest: Queering the Epistemology of Commodity-Identity

Billboards and Black Metal Theory: Alternative Analogs to Advertising

Deconstruction:Infantilization, or, how we went from Derrida to "Daddy"