Still Life Extension - Still Life Extension

Since 2017, my interests in architecture have been shifting towards real estate activism, viable utopias (cc: Dan Tae Young + Intentional Estates), housing justice, land sovereignty, drop-in centers, etc (see for more keywords). Since 2020, I have been manifesting “Still Life Extension”, a working title lovingly named after co-conspirator Kat Hreib’s “Still Life Farm” project. Manifesting a near-future land-project with enough escape velocity to catapult out of the renting class into an ex/peri-urban homesteading reality where the site of life is the site of work. Dodging the Whiteness or Escape of intentional communities, communes, eco-villages. Inspirations include the Strange Foundation and Activation Residency - nodes in the Catskills with roots in NYC, as well as a wider database being culled in the above, with research assistance from Alex Kohel and a handful of close friends including the Manifesting Mutuals conversation club, and perhaps Lightshine Chamber chatroom in the future. “Radical Suburbs” is another key reference text.

In 2021, I will continue manifesting Still Life Extension with field research across the US.

Images credits: Crip Camp, Strange Foundation, Azule, Mad Duck Pond, Activation Residency (via Outlier Inn), Arcosanti