Still Life Extension - Still Life Extension

Since 2017, my interests in architecture have been shifting towards real estate activism, viable utopias (cc: Dan Tae Young + Intentional Estates), housing justice, land sovereignty, drop-in centers, etc (see for more keywords). Since 2020, I have been manifesting “Still Life Extension”, a working title lovingly named after co-conspirator Kat Hreib’s “Still Life Farm” project. Manifesting a near-future land(back) project with enough escape velocity to catapult out of the renting class into an ex/peri-urban homesteading reality where the site of life is the site of work. Dodging the Whiteness, Escape, and reproduction of settler-colonial harm of intentional communities, communes, eco-villages. Inspirations include the Strange Foundation and Activation Residency - nodes in the Catskills with roots in NYC, as well as a wider database being culled in the above, with research assistance from Alex Kohel and a handful of close friends including the Manifesting Mutuals conversation club, Jessa Carter of Land Land, and perhaps Lightshine Chamber chatroom in the future. “Radical Suburbs” is another key reference text.

In 2021, I will continue manifesting Still Life Extension with field research across the US and prototyping in Holualoa, Hawaii and Fort Plain, NY. 

Images credits: Crip Camp, Strange Foundation, Azule, Mad Duck Pond, Activation Residency (via Outlier Inn), Arcosanti, POWRPLNT